With over 1.6 billion Facebook users, if there’s not a hefty audience for you on Facebook, then you definitely need to rethink your business! My own personal experience with Facebook ads has ranged from paying £2.84 per website click (the bad), to paying £0.03 per Facebook like (the amazing). I’ll breakdown my adverts and hopefully supply you with some beneficial insight into what might work for your own business.

First of all here’s a quick overview on the pro’s & cons of Facebook ads:

The good!

  • Amazingly diverse range of targeting options
  • The ability to use a wide range of ads including a variety of graphics & videos
  • Very easy to set up
  • Immediate influx of traffic
  • Easy to understand analytics

The Bad!

  • If managed incorrectly can be costly with little return
  • A lot of people viewing the ads aren’t looking for anything in particular, as opposed to google ads where people are directly searching for an answer or service
  • Works much less effectively for B2B markets

    Our Experience:

Where better to start than the worst performing ad we’ve ever created. £2.84 per website click:

Facebook Advert Darlington

A high energy 30 second, engaging video aimed at an audience whom own a small business in Darlington (+10 mile radius) using Desktop only. My theory was that although the vast majority of users are on mobile, desktop users would be more likely to look at our website in greater detail and ultimately convert. That however didn’t appear to be the case. I believe the problems with this advert are:

  1. Audience was significantly too defined! Limiting the audience to just a small local area and adding the additional criteria left way too small an audience to produce a cost effective advert.
  2. Dekstop only – Mobile News Feed, Instagram & Facebooks Audience Network is the way to go! (95% of the time)
  3. No mention of special offer or price in the text. Ideally I think it’s always best to include some mention of a time-limited deal.

And now onto the best advert we’ve ever created! £0.03 per Facebook page like. The Advert does not contain any level of clickbait, and is suitable for audiences of all ages.


How did we achieve this? The secret is to try and find something very specific, however still with a very large fan base and try relate it to your business. In our case we targeted the fan base of a very popular classic game and showed them a screenshot of the development of our similar game – currently in development. The response was unbelievable, however the audience was only relevant to a very small part of our business.

Take away tips:

  • Try to find a large audience that is still relevant to your target market.
  • Use video ideally, but keep it short!
  • Adjust your ad based on your response and which audience it’s reacting best to
  • Don’t target desktop only, unless you have a very specific reason too
  • Be creative!
  • Use a Marketing Agency with proven experience if you don’t know what you’re doing – Like us!