Any business will know that to sell whatever it is that they offer, be that a product or a service, they need to get it in front of people. Advertising online is still a developing method. Most people who claim to know what they are doing are really just doing their best to make you believe in them.

The market is too new and still evolving, therefore many factors wont be considered. However, given what we do know from facts and figures that can be dragged from the analytics of everything from websites to social media, including what method they were viewed, we can build up some basic ideas of what should work, and what is going out of fashion.

There are several different types advertising, ranging from banner ads to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and Interstitial adverts. Each of these has their place. For example, most people will not see benefits to interstitial adverts if you are targeting desktop based audiences due to the growth in use of ad-blocker software.  PPC on the other hand won’t see a great return on investment unless you have time to monitor it and edit it on the fly and maximise its reach.

The big problem most companies face is deciding where to spend their budget advertising. You can opt to start advertising on various websites, but this is going to take up large part of the budget.

Social Media offers the opportunity to run several targeted campaigns and platforms such as Facebook can offer in excess of 1.65 billion monthly users. Facebook is also the most advanced of the social platforms in terms of how developed their digital advertising system. Facebook adverts are easy to edit and the ad builder makes choosing your target audience a simple step by step process.

facebook ad results

When Facebook bought Instagram part of the reasoning behind this was the possibilities for utilising the image sharing platform for advertising. With its ever growing user base the platform is becoming one of the easiest ways for businesses with large amounts of visual content to reach an audience.

Twitter has been offering promoted tweets for a long time now. They differ from Facebook ads in that Facebook offers you a chance to promote services and advertise whereas Twitter is more akin to getting your usual tweets placed in feeds that might not usually see them. In essence Twitter ads are good for companies who are trying to build their traction on the platform.

So there are multiple types of advertising, multiple platforms to market on, but the basics will remain the same, the advert needs to be of good quality. If you have great visual content, then utilise it. If you don’t think about hiring someone to produce you a piece of content. The statistics show that the current trend is videos. However, take note that most people will only spend around 20 seconds watching videos, so they will need to be engaging and draw in the audience.

Finally the world of mobile is growing fast, and potentially set to outstrip all other platforms for advertising. Making sure everything you produce is responsive to being on mobile will ensure that you can see a better return on your chosen ad placements.