Are digital games mistakenly overlooked as marketing options for businesses? Whilst high quality video content is widely considered the most effective medium for marketing, digital games may have the potential to take things to the next level (pardon the pun).

In terms of engagement and viral potential there’s nothing quite like an addictive game. The question is whether or not they can become a popular, cost effective marketing solution for everyday businesses. And in my opinion the answer is most definitely yes!

So how can a digital game benefit an everyday business?

Firstly, It’s highly probable providing the experience is of high quality and offers something original that the game will reach thousands and possibly millions of players. Despite the fact a large proportion of this audience will likely not be the businesses target market, such significant traffic can still work wonders for brand awareness.

To maximise benefit it is essential that the game is carefully designed to appeal to the same audience & location as the businesses target market.

SEO – Having a game embedded into your company website along with your own App and Facebook game can have an positive effect on your search engine ranking.

Additional benefits:

  • Educate a large audience about your product or services
  • Increase conversion
  • Build trust & reinforce your brand
  • Generate income from advertising
  • Innovation can set you apart from competition


  • Cost! For smaller businesses a high quality game could still exceed their marketing budgets. Advimate prices start at £4,000 for publishing to App Store, Googleplay store & Facebook.
  • Risk – It’s possible the game isn’t a success story and generates a low R.O.I. This is why its fundamentally important to get the balance right between creating a fun, engaging game and something that reflects the businesses brand or services.